Harbour was packed with enthusiastic JCI members as our Captain Nicklas was giving us the instructions about the sailing as our boat started moving. We just managed to get through the Santahamina bridge on time and our sailing tour was ready to start. After getting some snacks we were ready to pull all sails up. It was not the windiest day, but we managed to get through Kustaanmiekka and all the way to the shores of Kaivopuisto before the wind stopped drastically.

There was no reason for panic as the boat engine started running and shore line was slowly started to move further. We enjoyed the most iconic places of Helsinki city and sunbathed on the deck of the boat. The sky was clear and sun was settling behind Helsinki city silhouette when our boat was slowly making its way to the pier. As we touched the land again, we saw a group of majestic hot-air-balloons in the orange sky. Everybody in the boat had now one experience more in their hearts.