JCI Cosmopolis 2020 local organization president Antti Koskinen has been elected as the 2022 regional development manager (RDM) for Region A. The designation was made at general assembly of the regional election conference. The conference, named Legendatehdas, was held in Turku on 10th to 12th September.

Supporting the local organizations

As the regional development manager Antti’s responsibilities include supporting the local organizations in Region A in their operational and strategic activities. Meaning anything from supporting a local organization to develop their new member acquisition process to help in implementing the JCI Finland national strategy focus areas at the local level.

Antti (1st from the left) will also be a member of the regional board of directors along with,

Other available learning opportunities

Local organization members from Region A can nominate themselves as candidates for additional regional positions. The 2022 board of directors will choose from these nominees the regional team in October. The positions include,

  • Regional Information Officer (RIO)
  • Regional IT manager (R-ITM)
  • Regional Business Manager (R-BUS)
  • Regional International Affairs Officer (R-INT)
  • Regional Awards Officer (R-AWARDS)

Additionally the regional competition manager and the election board member positions are open for applications. Local organization members can also volunteer to be part of the regional team as helping hands while not holding any specific title.