As one of the many preliminary events for the JCI World Congress 2019 in Tallinn the capital region chapters organized a visit to the Embassy of Estonia in Helsinki. The visit was hosted by Mr. Peeter Püvi, Head of Consular Section, Ms. Kaisa Männik, consul, and Ms. Anu Kippasto, Cultural Counsellor.

During the visit we learned that Estonians form the biggest group of foreign nationals in Finland. Approximately 70 000 Estonians have either permanent or contact address in Finland, while it is estimated that about 9000 Finns live in Estonia. This is why the Estonian embassy has relatively large staff, 12 members including the ambassador,  in Helsinki. Estonia also has 8 honorary consuls living in different Finnish cities, promoting the business and cultural affairs between the two countries.

One of the topics covered during the visit was the e-Residency, which Estonia offers. This special residency offers the opportunity for anyone from any part of the world to get Estonian government-issued digital identity. Whith the identity you can access the Estonia’s digital business environment, start a company entirely online, and access many different services.