On Valentines Day’s night JCI Cosmopolis members got together to have the first culture night for 2020. The event was part of the International Meeting point concept, which provides people with different cultural backgrounds to meet, share their experiences and learn from each other. The culture night was hosted JCI Cosmopolis 2017 president Tamer.

As the first activity we watched a video introducing the Top 10 places to visit in Egypt. The recommended attractions included places Alexandria, the Giza Pyramids, and the Sneferu’s bent pyramid. Tamer also provided us more details and tips about the ten places mentioned on the video.

The second activity of the culture night was watching Teer Enta, a 2009 egyptian adaptation of the Bedazzled movie. During the movie Tamer pointed put and explained the cultural nuances and jokes in the different scenes. Understanding the various references definitely made the movie experience deeper.

While watching the movie we had the chance to enjoy traditional Egyptian tastes in the form of paste made from white cheese, olives and tomatoes served with flat bread. We also got to taste egyptian fuul and halawa.

After finishing the movie we had a brief discussion about the topics covered in the movie and how they differ from culture to culture. For example what kind characteristics are appreciated and how important marriage is considered in different cultures.