JCI Cosmopolis seeks young professionals who want to

  • Professionally develop themselves
  • Have fun
  • Meet new people from different cultures
  • Explore your talents
  • Travel to new places
  • Explore entrepreneurship
  • Expand your business potential

JCI can be called an organization of opportunities. The opportunities available within Junior Chamber International are so numerous it could take a lifetime to grasp them all. Most members select those which cater to their particular needs and make the most of them.

Areas of Opportunity in JCI

  • Individual Development
  • Community Services
  • International Affairs
  • Business Development & Networking

Through involvement with JCI you will learn many important skills. JCI is best in providing leadership skills by taking responsibility in projects, board office in a chapter, national level or even on an international level. Education informs of lectures, group work, company visits etc. are organized regularly. Another important benefit of joining JCI is the network our organization provides. You will find friends and business contacts in your own chapter, in Finland and internationally.

Become a member of the Cosmopolis.

  1. Click the button below to open the application form
  2. Please fill in all of the required fields
  3. Within max. 30 days after submission, the executive board will have reviewed your application and will get in touch with you.

If accepted, then you will become Trial Member for one year. The membership fee for Trial Members is 60,00 EUR per year. After 6 months as an active trial member, you may request full membership which will start from next year. For full membership fee is 120,00 EUR per year.