The Cosmopolis Chapter History

The first steps in founding JCI Cosmopolis were taken by internationally minded members of JCI Espoo: Jan Storgårds, Monica De Leon Sanjuan, Peggy Torres, Andi Horvath and Alberto Delgado who were quickly followed by enthusiastic JCI members from other chapters like Mal Jargan, Niklas Enkvist and Peter Gyetvai. JCI Espoo provided a crucial support in this beginning phase.

Cosmopolis grew to more than 20 potential members in April 2008 when the idea was presented at a launch event. However, that summer the new “future chapter” faced its first setback, as Monica and Peter left Finland. It became clear that Cosmopolis’ members are very mobile and relocating would be a challenge for future operations in JCI Cosmopolis.

In August 2008, the founding “core team” developed the chapters’ strategy with the assistance of Rasmus Nyberg using JCI Finland’s “Future chapter” strategy program. During that strategy process, the team was convinced that there was a true need for a unique, English speaking JCI chapter in Finland and the letter of the foundation was signed with the lead of Niklas Enkvist in October 2008. The chapter became an official non-profit association in beginning of 2009, an official JCI Finland chapter in February 2009 and the first elected board came into effect, with Nina Hanhinen as chapter President in March 2009.