JCI Cosmopolis chapter contacts

Lauri Lehmusvirta

Chapter President

Heidi Lehto
Chapter Deputy President

Want to learn more about JCI Cosmopolis?
Contact Lauri Lehmusvirta or Heidi Lehto to learn more.

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Stay up-to-date with events

JCI Cosmopolis organizes monthly events with various topics and activies. The best way stay up-to-date with the events is to follow our Facebook page’s events list. The events are designed to bring together internationally oriented young professionals, who are interested in having fun and establishing useful local connections.

The capital region JCI community

Each month each capital region chapter in turn organizes a Wednesday Club meeting on the second Wednesday of the month. The Club meetings are also great opportunities to network with JayCees and get to know JCI. The event topics, venues and exact starting times are published on the Wednesday Club Facebook events list.