2021 JCI Regatta in Croatia


Ewa Swietliczko, a member of JCI Cosmopolis, attended the JCI Regatta as part of the Finnish team." Because of the Covid-19 pandemic,

2021 JCI Regatta in Croatia2023-07-09T15:26:09+03:00

2021 JCI European Know-How Transfer Online


JCI Cosmopolis member Sami Soininen attended the online JCI European Know-How Transfer and summarizes his experience and the meetings with the MEPs

2021 JCI European Know-How Transfer Online2021-10-17T19:54:41+03:00

Egyptian Culture Night


On Valentines Day's night JCI Cosmopolis members got together to have the first culture night for 2020. The event was part of

Egyptian Culture Night2020-02-18T21:01:20+02:00

JCI European Know-How Transfer, Brussels – 2019


JCI Cosmopolis member Sofia Saarinen visited Brussels at the end of September and attended the JCI European Know-How Transfer. Below she tells

JCI European Know-How Transfer, Brussels – 20192020-08-18T21:04:00+03:00

Visiting the Embassy of Estonia


As one of the many preliminary events for the JCI World Congress 2019 in Tallinn the capital region chapters organized a visit

Visiting the Embassy of Estonia2020-08-18T21:04:00+03:00
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