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JCI Cosmopolis is organzing a day full of official JCI trainings.
Achieve, Impact and Admin are the most important JCI trainings and recommended for all members.
All 3 trainings require registration through jci.cc (links below each training). *Note that you need to register for each training separately!
Save the date Saturday 9.9.2017!

The JCI Achieve course uses discussions and analogies to help members understand one’s own values and the values and principles of JCI, the role of all members in establishing the Local Organization’s identity, the activities needed to fulfill the JCI Mission and develop JCI members into active citizens who will create positive change in their communities. JCI Achieve is a half-day course and should be taken by all new members who want to fully understand the principles, meaning, purpose and dynamics of a JCI Local Organization.

JCI Impact is a course aimed for JCI members who want to become active citizens and create long-lasting positive change in their communities. The course discusses the active citizenship concept, covers the analysis of community needs, solutions addressing these needs and discusses the projects a Local Organization can conduct with all sectors of society in order to create sustainable and effective positive change in their community.

JCI Admin is the JCI Local Organization management course recommended for any member who wants to become a member of the local board or a leader at any level in the Local Organization. The course covers the structure of the local board, management of the Local Organization affairs and the responsibility of the Local Organization in providing development opportunities that will empower JCI members to create positive change in and outside of JCI. JCI Admin should be taken by all members who want to fully understand the dynamics of the management and administration of a JCI Local Organization.

What? JCI Full Day Trainings (Achieve, Impact and Admin)
Language? Trainings are in English
When? Saturday September 9th, 2017
What time? 1. Achieve 09.00-12.00 (Trainer: Tiina Naskali)
2. Impact 13.00-16.00 (Trainer: Heidi Jäntti)
3. Admin 17.00-19.00 (Trainer: Miika Kostamo)
Where? Fluido (address: Keilaranta 1, 02150 Espoo)
Registration? https://jci.cc/
Maximum number of attendees? 30
Fees? 10€/training includes snacks and drinks (payment: cash, PayPal, bank transfer)

For more details or further questions, please contact Tamer on 0451969582 or email pres@jcicosmopolis.fi

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