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Please welcome to our exceptional event,
a full day seminar where our expert speakers will share knowledge
and reveal best practices to facilitate the development of intercultural competencies required in current business, social and personal life.

The objectives of the seminar are to:

• Foster intercultural relationships
• Gain mutual respect
• Turn differences into opportunities
• Find strength in diversity


“The Key to a Successful International Career”        


Lindsay Jackson – Head of Communication at European Chemicals Agency
A committed public servant with almost thirty years experience of managing communication and policy development at regional, national and EU level.




“Communication Strategy” with Paul Westlake

Managing Director of The Original Touch Oy, Paul Westlake B.Ed., intercultural trainer, and consultant, has been specifically involved with communications training for over twenty years.
He has been a member of SIETAR since 1990. Paul has provided business communications courses for companies such as Sonera, Nokia, Lemminkäinen and Finland Post and has taught on MBA courses run by Åbo Akademi, Helsinki University of Technology, Tampere University of Technology, Helsinki University, etc.
He is also a prolific author, with well over fifty titles.
Over recent years he has been active in intercultural and international communications and has firmly established himself on the lecture circuit.



multilingualism as a lifestyle (not a source of stress)”

Annika Bourgogne – Author and Speaker at Be Bilingual (a company that provides ideas and resources for multilingual families all over the world).
Annika Bourgogne has published the book “Be Bilingual – practical ideas for multilingual families” in 2012, having written her master’s thesis on family bilingualism and experienced it in real life for 12+ years.




“Living or Working in Finland: tips to remember”

Adriana Saarialho – Specialist focused on developing and implementing integration programs for foreigners/
immigrants into the Finnish society.
Her professional experience includes corporate business and marketing in Mexico and USA, as well as European Union projects’ management in collaboration with Finnish ministries and NGO’s.




“How to Manage Conflicts and Give Feedback in a Multicultural Working Environment”
with Anca Mirela Petrisor

Anca will deliver a powerful workshop, leading you through Conflict Management and Feedback strategies. With a career in Human Resources and Communication, currently working in an European Institution, Anca has developed strong skills in dealing with critical situations and people with different cultural backgrounds.



“Cross-Cultural Communication or Confusion” Practical guide to surviving international traveling

Timo Holopainen – International consultant and trainer at Egonova

He has worked as customer service, research and development, troubleshooting, international sales, business development as well as management professional over 15 years.
Timo is Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry and works as Managing Director for Crystalsol OU. He is responsible for Research and Development for solar cells for Tallinn operations.
Timo has lived in Finland, USA, Norway, Indonesia and Estonia. He has worked in European, Asian, North, Middle and South American, Australian and Japanese Markets.



“JCI Omoiyari”  with Mily Vázquez Harkivi

Saturday, November 8th at Haaga-Helia University

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